United Swimming Club: New Zealand’s Aquatic Supremes


United Swimming Club is a sparkling jewel amongst New Zealand’s swimming clubs, deservedly ranked as the best age-group swimming club in New Zealand. Founded on passion, dedication and the pursuit of excellence, this club takes swimmers to the highest heights, opening up great avenues in the aquatic world.

A History of greatness

United Swimming Club was born out of the belief that every swimmer can achieve great things if given the support and opportunities to develop. Since its inception, the club has been focused on identifying and supporting young talent and developing the sporting elite in the world of swimming.

Age group leadership

This club prides itself on its status as the best age group swimming club. Here, young age group swimmers find optimal conditions to develop their abilities, technique and endurance. Each training session is designed to be age-appropriate, allowing young athletes to reach their potential.

Winning silhouettes

United Swimming Club not only produces pool winners, but also individuals with fortitude and confidence. This club not only develops swimming skills, but also nurtures leaders by teaching them to overcome obstacles, strive for success, and maintain a competitive spirit.

Professional coaches

The secret to United Swimming Club’s success lies in its professional coaches. Not only are they experienced swim professionals, but they are also mentors who have taught swimmers to believe in themselves, improve technique, and push their limits.

A family of winners

This club creates an atmosphere of unity where swimmers, coaches and their families become one big family. Training, competitions and events together not only bond, but also create unforgettable moments and lasting friendships.

The peaks ahead

United Swimming Club gives swimmers the opportunity to not only become part of New Zealand’s great swimming tradition, but to climb to the top of the sporting world. This club proves that with a single dream and hard training, it is possible to reach aquatic peaks and become a true leader in swimming.