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  • 2016 Swim Wellington Long Course Champs

    Jan. 22 - 25, 2016

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    Being a Pirate Parent

    Being a Pirate Parent

    Swimming is still mainly a voluntary sport and so swimmers rely enormously on the goodwill of volunteers, in particular their parents, for the sport to operate successfully.  Swimming NZ have a great little “Parents’ Handbook” that explains what it’s all about for the uninitiated at

    There are two main types of volunteer roles and we really need everyone to be involved in both:

    ·         official roles at swim meets; and

    ·         other roles to do with running our club.

    Official roles

    Just as Steve is keen for all swimmers to progress through the squads: racking up qualifying times for increasing distances by swimming a certain number of meets each season, parents need to rack up experience and qualifications by running the meets in which their kids swim.



    Swimmer focus (Coaches)

    Parent focus (Club)


    25m then 50m times

    Pirates meets

    Qualify as Timekeeper

    General meet & camp duties

    Electric Eels

    100m then 200m times

    Pirates meets

    Club League meets

    Everyone should be a qualified timekeeper

    Qualify as IOT

    Meet, camp & team management


    Signature & Wellington-level  meets + the above

    All times to 400m

    Everyone should be a qualified IOT

    All the above

    Hammerheads & Tigersharks


    Regional & national level meets + the above

    Training new officials & volunteers


    Supporting camps and senior squad trips & activities

    As a rule of thumb, you should expect to help at all the meets in which your kids swim and maybe one or two where they don’t. Some of the jobs are not technical and can be done by anyone: for example carrying food to other volunteers, making announcements, cooking sausages and so on.

    This is about getting the club working more collectively.  If you want to talk about how your swimmer is going, email Club Coach Axel Levine and he’ll get back to you.

    When you enter your child for a swim meet you are expected to volunteer at the meet. We also need parents to help with one-off projects such as running bus trips outside Wellington, head-to-head meets against other clubs and so on. These projects are particularly suitable for people who travel or can’t commit to regular responsibilities.

    Other roles to help running our club

    Beyond the Committee, club officers and club liaison people there are all sorts of other jobs that simply make for a happy, well informed club:

    ·         contributing news and photos both on the notice board and through our Facebook page ,

    ·         writing a newsletter,

    ·         fundraising,

    ·         developing our Internet site,

    ·         promoting the club in the media,

    ·         coordinating uniforms,

    ·         and so on…

    The club has now got to the size where it’s difficult to keep track of the skills and capability of all the parents of our swimmers. It would be really helpful if people can proactively suggest where they have skills which they could use to support these or any other roles that seem sensible.






    Coaches Corner

    Heading into Summer

    Hi all. It's great to see all swimmers back into their routine. Thanks to all parents for making the start to term 4 so smooth. Lots going on in the Pirate world as we head towards Summer. Cheers Steve 22 October 2015

    Posted on: 25 November 2015 Read the full post

    End of Term

    Hi all. Well done to all our swimmers and parents at our club champs. Last day of term is Thursday September 24th (Earlybird swim meet that morning). Term 4 starts on Monday October 12th. Cheers Steve

    Posted on: 12 September 2015 Read the full post

    Pirates Treasure

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