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  • 2016 Swim Wellington Long Course Champs

    Jan. 22 - 25, 2016

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    Payment Information

    Note that this does not apply to Tuesday night swimming payments. Payments for Tuesday night swimming will be collected as described by the Tuesday night swimming organisers.

    Club Payments:

    All Club payments, if possible, should be made to the Karori Pirates Swimming Club bank account.

    As a general rule, cash payments will not be accepted by the club. However, cash may be accepted on some club funding events when specifically advised by the club.

    Payment methods:

    1. Internet Banking with the following details:

    Particulars: Swimmers Last Name
    Code: Swimmers First Initial (if more than one swimmer use the first initials separated by '&' e.g. "A & B")
    Reference: Event reference, a 6 digit code as defined below

    2. Banking direct into the Club account where you can't use the above format or use any letters in the payment reference:

    Make sure the deposit slip is signed legibly with your full name and use the Karori Pirates invoice number as the reference.

    3. Cheques deposited at the pool box:

    Cheques should be placed in a sealed envelope with the swimmer's full name and event reference clearly written on the front. No cheques should be posted to the club PO Box or passed on to any club member.

    Event references:

    Races: Always given in the meet details on the Pirates website. The format is ususally (but now always) the date of the meet displayed as 'YY DDMM' e.g. The reference code for a meet held on 24 September 2011 would normally be 11 2409. Please note that race payments not received by race date may result in your swimmer being scratched from the event.

    Uniform: 11 1111

    Competitive Annual Membership: 33 3333

    Club end of year camp: 44 4444



    Coaches Corner

    Heading into Summer

    Hi all. It's great to see all swimmers back into their routine. Thanks to all parents for making the start to term 4 so smooth. Lots going on in the Pirate world as we head towards Summer. Cheers Steve 22 October 2015

    Posted on: 25 November 2015 Read the full post

    End of Term

    Hi all. Well done to all our swimmers and parents at our club champs. Last day of term is Thursday September 24th (Earlybird swim meet that morning). Term 4 starts on Monday October 12th. Cheers Steve

    Posted on: 12 September 2015 Read the full post

    Pirates Treasure

    Swimmers of the week sponsored by Hell Pizza Northland


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    Wall of Fame

    Read all about the Pirates' club champions, international competitors, record-breakers and place-getters at Wellington and New Zealand championships.

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