North Shore Swimming Club: Pathway to Aquatic Achievement in Auckland


North Shore Swimming Club is an influential swimming club located in the heart of Auckland, New Zealand. This club not only provides opportunities to learn and practice swimming, but also creates a community where swimmers develop skills, make friends, compete and achieve aquatic excellence.

History and founding

With a history spanning decades, North Shore Swimming Club has become an inextricable part of Oakland’s swimming culture. The club was founded to provide swimmers of all ages and skill levels with quality training to develop both the technical aspects of swimming and physical fitness.

Professional training

The club has a team of highly qualified coaches who individualize their training to each swimmer, regardless of experience. They offer a variety of programs including beginner instruction, technique refinement for more experienced swimmers and preparation for competition at national and international levels.

Competitive spirit

North Shore Swimming Club inspires swimmers to achieve their personal and athletic goals. The club actively participates in competitions of all sizes, maintaining an atmosphere of healthy competition and motivation. This competitive spirit unites swimmers, helping them to grow and overcome themselves.

Social connections and friendships

The club also encourages the formation of friendships among swimmers. Shared training, competitions and events create an atmosphere where long-lasting friendships are formed. This community supports and inspires each other, not only in the pool, but also outside of the pool.

North Shore Swimming Club is not only a place to learn and practice swimming, but a true family of swimmers who share common goals and a passion for water sports. Oakland can be proud to have this club, which fosters the physical, athletic and mental development of swimmers, opening up a sea of opportunities for them to reach personal and athletic heights.